Personnel Policies

Personnel Rules and Policies For the Library Employees

Full time personnel are entitled to

Full time is defined as working 35 hours or more in a one week period of time.

City benefits (See employee handbook)

Health Care Insurance


Upon initial eligibility 1 week

Completion of one years 2 weeks

Completion of seven years 3 weeks

Completions of fifteen yrs 4 weeks

Two weeks of vacation may be carried over to the next year. Sick leave may be accrued at six working days per year; you may build your sick leave up to 48 days.

Eligible employees may use sick leave benefits for an absence of their own illness or injury or that of a family member who resided in the employees household. See handbook pg. 13. Updated June 11, 2014, Revised July 2019

Part time staff

The Director will interview and employ part-time staff. Dismissal will also be the Director's responsibility. Regular part time staff will be eligible for sick time, holiday and paid vacation at a prorated rate.


Typing, and clerical skills including computer knowledge and skill

Personable, neat, and clean

Willing to learn including taking classes given by the state.

High school students may be considered for part-time employee at the discretion of the Library Director. Updated August 20, 2014